Monday, July 26, 2010

Video Webcasts: Dr. Nessim and Rabbi Bouskila making waves at S.E.C.

Dr. Jose Nessim, a founder of the S.E.C. is perhaps one of the very few people in this world who I consider my hero. This because even though he was successful in his medical profession, he took on the more important and unique challenge of founding an organization dedicated to keeping traditional Sephardic Judaism alive. His vision for such group and center was a task never undertaken by other Sephardim in modern times. It was a long and often tough road for Dr. Nessim, but today after more than 30 years, since his dream has become a lovely reality. The S.E.C.’s center in Jerusalem with offices in North America, South America and elsewhere have become one of the leading, if not the most well known Sephardic organization through out the world. Dr. Nessim had a dream and never gave up on it…and today, Sephardic Jews benefit from that remarkable vision.

Tonight I capture this brief but very touching footage of Dr. Nessim talking about his vision for the S.E.C. becoming a reality….

This is also footage I captured of Rabbi Bouskila discussing the S.E.C.’s objectives in going online to share more details about this week’s summer seminar on Sephardic Judaism for the 21st century on the web through blogging…

-- Karmel Melamed

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