Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 4: Detour to the ruins of Beit She'an

(Beit She'an Mayor Jackie Levy)

As our time in Safed was coming to an end, at dinner we were joined by Jackie Levy, the mayor of the Israeli city of "Beit She'an" which is also located in northern Israel near the border with Jordan. Levy, who is son of the former Israeli Foreign Minster David Levy, invited us to see a light show at the ruins of the ancient city of Beit She'an. We took him up on his offer and journeyed to Beit She'an that evening only to be mesmerized by the creative light show that had been incorporated in the excavated ruins of Beit She'an.

According to our tour guide, Beit She'an was once a thriving Roman city completed with trading, bath houses, theatres and other attractions for visitors traveling through the area. Unfortunately several centuries later the city was destroyed in a massive earthquake that leveled the city completely. During the last 20 years the residents of Beit She'an, with some government funding excavated the ruins and uncovered a remarkable city.

The following is a brief video from the light show at the ruins...

Here are some other snapshots of the ruins I captured that evening...

(SEC's executive board member Ray Malell)

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  1. These are beautiful pictures of the Ruins...Great shot of Ray...he looks like a Roman Statue!! :)