Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 5: Looking into the future with new SEC manifesto...

This morning the SEC’s Rabbi Bouskila presented the executive board of the organization with the SEC’s new proposed “manifesto” of moving the group forward in the 21st century. The plan outlines efforts to have the SEC provide traditional Sephardic religious education, potential on going training courses for rabbis as well as an array of youth programs. In my opinion, perhaps one of the most important components of the plan was its overriding goal to provide a moderate yet traditional approach to Sephardic Judaism. From our brief education on the long history of Sephardic religious sages and legal ruling during this week, it seems as if they have maintained a voice of moderation. Therefore I think it’s only natural for Rabbi Bouskila and the SEC to continue with this long standing tradition of maintaining a moderate Sephardic approach through out all their programs and efforts.

The feedback from the SEC’s executive board was indeed positive but various additions and recommendations being offered to the plan. Some individuals also tossed around the idea of possibly changing the organization’s name in an effort to attract new faces to the SEC. Whether any name changes will be made, time will only tell. However it seems as if the SEC is on its way to pursing new and exciting endeavors in the next five to ten years.

-- Karmel Melamed

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