Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shabbat at the SEC was spiritually uplifiting...

For those of us that have experienced the start of Shabbat in the Old City of Jerusalem praying at the Western Wall, there is only one word to describe it…magical! Since the SEC is situated only five minutes from the Western Wall, our group enjoyed a very spiritual and uplifting Shabbat praying in the evening at the Kotel. We later enjoyed a fun filled a relaxing Shabbat dinner in the SEC’s courtyard area.

Shabbat morning was filled with continued prayer at the SEC’s chapel with their donated Torahs and followed with lunch. Later in the afternoon the rabbis had a lively discussion about Jewish religious laws in a Q&A secession. Finally Shabbat was brought to a close in an uplifting Havdalah. Ultimately Shabbat at the SEC in Jerusalem turned out to a remarkably relaxing, spiritual and thought provoking time as our summer seminar was completed.

-- Karmel Melamed

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