Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photo Essay: Sights from outside the S.E.C.

The area surrounding the S.E.C. here in the Old City of Jerusalem is a remarkable place where east meets west and where the ancient world meets the modern world. I am always blown away at how both worlds can coexist in one place. Earlier this morning I ventured outside the immediate S.E.C.'s building to further explore this area. No where else on planet earth will you such a lovely mixture of the old and new worlds of human kind woven together so beautifully in one area. This is one reason why Jerusalem is so special for the world's three major religions. These sights were remarkable considering the busy traffic in the area, the magnificent views of the various homes in the distances, the ancient stone buildings and an overall magical sense of electricity in the area.

Below are just a few snapshots I captured of the immediate areas surrounding the S.E.C. which are indeed unique and breathtaking.

-- Karmel Melamed

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